I've discovered a new size

I've discovered a new size

7 years, 33 days ago

I've discovered a new size. Leaves-wise 15 x 15 cm appear to me as a way out of the deepest blackness of the last days.As secured in a cocoon and shielded from advice and questioning frown, I relieve myself on the small piece of paper and amazed that the little seems to bear more than a big screen. It compresses my effusion and I think of each edge again 2 cm to withhold, to make it in a Passepartout even more narrow. Frame around it, slice in front, and my thoughts and excesses are sealed, like a virus to look at and study for some time and for a someone who will feel closer to me than he dare to comprehend it.

Sometimes I listen to the words of those already dead. The age and the finiteness of the physical have taken the most of them. Some decided to quit before. What remains is a consideration of things in the development of one's own with that of the Other Being.

And then I think that something better should not be put into words. Already as thoughts are some things, as they now look at and to the analysis into the consciousness, similar to a rape of the intellect.
So much mass-less and Uncontrolled beset the plight for aesthetics and dignity. The worst are the ones who devote their physical frustration to the oppression of others. Those who move in life with ease. With all the power and longing for any greatness greater than others.

So I'm choking on the thought that I will not have. And smear the remains on paper. Unable to move into my atelier. Unable to stand up and wash off the paralyzing mucus. In the Now. With the hope to wake up tomorrow and to realize that today is the day when my soul is light and cheerful again. Simple and able to motivate move my feet, legs, torso and arms, hands.
And on the top my head sits like a marble, that glitters.