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25 Jahre internationale Kunst von F...
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Die FORM-A( R )T feiert dieses Jahr einen wichtigen Geburtstag. Zum 25. Mal lockt die überregional bekannte internationale Kunstausstellung wieder Scharen von uns tbegeisterten, Ku......

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FORMART in Glinde near Hamburg
25th International Art Exhibition - Jubilee Event in Glinde near Hamburg. From 7 to 9 April 2017, they will be celebrating with the audience for three days in the center of Glinde a grand festival of contemporary visual art. With their around 2000 works of painting, graphic art, sculpture, object art, textile art and photography, the 52 artists from 12 different nations - previously selected by hand from a hugely large number of applicants - transform the 3 floors of the Marcellin Verbe House (Bürgerhaus) and As well as a part of the town hall Glinde in a single huge gallery.

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