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I am back again

I am back again

I am back again

6 years, 295 days ago

After a long strange week, I can now present to you my last works. At first I raged and calmed myself with the elephants,then to work on the body-soul theme. These pictures follow later.

Now I have exhibited a large part in Bretz Store. About 40 pictures I have taken there on the walls.
The Cult of sofas of Bretz go great in a dialogue.
Paintings and sofas emphasize each other.
I think it is a successful exhibition. And here in Dortmund, front of my door :)

After I was into hiding in the atelier with my paintings a little while longer, the exhibition was organized, I first had to really breathe. Communicating and to present my works quite fresh, to me still falls somewhat sluggish. But even a little, then that goes again.

By then,