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A Christmas Carp narration

A Christmas Carp narration

A Christmas Carp narration

7 years, 196 days ago

I bought one day a carp, 1890 gr, alive. I let him kill in the store. I did not see that, wanted not see that. The body of the carp was stirring the whole way in the transparent plastic bag. I went to complain to the store back to the imperfect death. They assured me his death. The body twitched. The dead carp sure I put in my wash basin. A pink-colored wash basins in a red-and-white room. The carp lay peaceful. But his mind began life again. The body shook. Jumped at the tender touch of a knife that I carried him.

The spirit has not diminished in the affect of killing. He stayed. Only now he wanted to go. The spirit departs already two and a half hours. I let play Albinoni for him. I felt it was appropriate. But I must leave.
I went out into the street. Although the carp  did not know this kind of tones, maybe he liked the music, and therefore remained still for a moment. I didn´t want accompany him at the rest-dying.
In my pocket, a black, were the ingredients for cooking the carp. The white pot was next to the wash basin. The spirit of carp surely knew what happens to the body as soon as he leaves.
The body jerked still in the pink-colored wash basin.
It fascinated me how strongly the soul fought. She let the body rebel, before she have to leave him.
I've never see an animal slaughterhouse. Plants cry without voice and without eyes. How can a human executioner feel? He looks on them?
All right. I stand by my carp.
I switched to Chopin. He did not move. This meant that the spirit of the carp already has gone with Albinoni? I hoped so, because so he could come back to the angular rest. I accompanied the empty carp with red wine and listening to Wozzeck.

The soul of carp rages.
The soul is raging hellish and proud.
The soul can not let this cover!
Where to? Where should the soul go now?
In another carp? All are still inhabited.
But there, see there! In a carp is no one!
Death. The carp is dead. Lifeless rolling his eyes, here is no longer live.
No body can be destroyed a house a soul. He may be old, but not killed.