"sign" - the marked area. a project

"sign" - the marked area. a project

11 years, 293 days ago

The definition and meaning of the sign are absolutely elementary and symbolic in our communication. To use the sign for reading, like it was placed at the origin of the idea requires implementation, how we created the rules of knowledge out of the experience and to continue to manifest. All requirements are aimed at an elite troop, but they should be recognized by all. The source from which I set out my sign, is a very simplier, for also to be read on a large scale and to be understood. It's a little flag with a patterned self-portrait. With this face, one and the same on all flags, I marked my territory. The project "sign" moves through my area my college days - the old town center of Gdansk.

Particularly I go along the axis from the Academy till the Mottlau. And along its parallels with the cross streets and the intervening inner courtyards. Especially the life behind the polished facades was my home, my territory.

The first choice to place the sign were highly frequented places. The pedestrian zone of the Old Town, Long Lane (ul Dluga) from which a city gate to the gate at the Mottlau, past the Town Hall and the Fountain of Neptune.
The most exciting was the political time. There were elections in Poland in 1989. These were the elections to democracy.

It was a bit abstract for me, because I was living at the time as a guest in the country and I saw the event as one full of fantastic imaginary romance of liberation itself.
The streets were full of posters and Solidarity banners. I stood like an extraterrestrial visitor in between
and with my parallel events played the role of an abstract sympathizers. The people looked at me curiously, and I looked back no less curious.
In retrospect, it is told simply. The big political story took its course, and I had my little private alongside.

I screwed up in my true area. There are the backyards and the alleys between the main roads,
where the buzz and life is almost intimate. Move there is in line with the movements of the neighbors,
the visually familiar and habitual. Here you must not deal with unusual forces of foreign masses. Here in a natural way the space is divided, each made its mark, and tracks and respects the other.
I urge me with my sign as a nice interlude.

I have only a little space borrowed for a moment that I share here.