I'm back here

I'm back here

9 years, 126 days ago

Time is running. I'm barely keep up. I came up with some projects that need a little more professional craft, which is something more contemporary. So I am going to expand my limits. This means: Canvas and Tube only for termination of the ongoing contracts.I hope that you still do not leave me and my hard word explanations can follow. My goal is, before I die, to leave something that should remain a source of inspiration and healthy force.

Above all, I want to describe something that can be an aid to women living in violence and oppression.

I'm looking for solutions for women who do not know how to move because they are paralyzed as a victim of traditions.
It is a kind of awareness for their own worth and strength. To discover this in order to live it again and give it as a gift on to sons and daughters.

That is my aim: the contribution to make peace for the soul and environmental palpable and conceivable.

To live as an artist, is a burden. First, a decision is necessary, whether art-craft or art people achieve. To move rather than just to enjoy.

Unfortunately, I'm so charmless that for me but then the only solution of the dry message. And this will not receive any. So a painting, which can generate feelings, is nearly an artifact.

Now I am already followed my thoughts carousel and I dragged you there, as you already know from me. But you can get, maybe a fortune.

My carousel but never let me go ...

Your K. C.