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Art Dortmund in stilwerk

Art Dortmund in stilwerk
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Stilwerk Dortmund offers a great presentation platform over a wide area with a lot of views and insights. Under the motto Art Dortmund presenting artists from the city and guest artists, their paintings. Art Dortmund means art, artists and style.At stilwerk, Rosemeyerstr. 14, 44139 Dortmund, from 26.8. until 10.28.2016, you can see here which paintings will be presented by me, hanging alongside the works of my fellow artists.

The Experienced

Elephants composition, 2013

Fragment of The bodies and their guards

Elephant in beeing

Who is liberated perhaps

Detail of the painting "Who is liberated perhaps"

Who secretly fears

The Unclear

The bodies and their guards, fragment

The beautiful Strong

The bodies and their guards

The battle

A little dance

The beginning of a reaction

Elephant with chic feet

Detail of the painting "The one, who flees in dreams"

The one, who flees in dreams

Detail of the painting "The moldable"

The moldable

The Two-sided