In the painting I see a chance to show and to speak, when I cannot use the words and gestures for the immediacy and depth.

After a long while of silence, the time comes for the return to the exposition and the dialogue between myself as the artist and the viewer as a receiver.

I am a collector of things and encounters. They create thoughts and feelings - they lurking, pursuing, occupying. To look for the answer, nearly I dare not more to going for. So I live in God's confidence, that ALL achieved a SENSE. Even though this sense sometimes reveals himself later.

That is what I tell is for the most perhaps nothing, but perhaps for some I grasp just this moment, which is able to touch so, that it holds up today or lets to go back from time to time.

There are many ways to represent yourself: with music, dance, sculpture and also just with the language of painting. This all is a masterpiece of human communication. Painting is a very strong shape, nevertheless very quietly.

As a daughter of a bass-playing neurosurgeon (including CD: Perplex) and a ballet dancer I could only tread the path of an artist.
I was affected by the atmosphere of a jazz club, as well as daily acoustically and visually impressed by ballet rehearsals and performances.

One day I decided to become a painter.

Familiar souls I found in van Gogh and Leonardo, in Rilke and Camus.
Familiar worlds in the Gothic and Renaissance. My expression I could not escape me, so I developed my way of painting on its own.

I was cared for and polished at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Above all, I say THANK YOU to my professor Hugon Lasecki, a man who can let the other being. Unaffordable!

I obtained my degree in painting in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.