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City Paintings

1st Part of 4 in another town

Kitchen in Wdzydze

City No.5

The window

3rd Part of 4 in another town

Market in a city

The city in moderate mood

One house in the night

Another room in Sopot

City outline from the outside inwards

One district of fours, District 1 of 4

Some industry

The Queen stands

Through the buildings

A football field

City at night

Danzig roofs


Courtyard of Schlosser-Street 35

The middle of the city

Kitchen in Wejherowo

2nd Part of 4 in another town

City from the outside, or perhaps not

On the way

Entrance to the house in the Mariengasse

The east of the city, district 3 of 4

The old Ostwall-Museum

Front view of Witten house facades

The football field

Churches, squares and other buildings

Too much heat

Before the city and still before

The house in the street

Evening town at a watering

A building between others

Elephant in the City