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My statement
14 days, 3 hours ago

Dear new friends, you must learn something about me. I weigh 1300 kg, have 30 children and now three abused men. I am an artist. And you only make friends with me because I'm an ingenious and attractive artist. I must also admit to all men that I love women more than you men. And I'm so sorry, I'm not a good match as a woman. But I would be very happy if you could understand my art and think about it. Because that's what I give you.

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Dear friends of this world
14 days, 4 hours ago

Dear friends, dear world, dear people of this world, I am very happy to meet you all. I always need a little time to research your posts and admire what you say. Unfortunately, I have no time to chat with anyone personally. But believe that you, each of you, impressed with your personality.

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Christmas time 2018.
53 days, 19 hours ago

Christmas time 2018.

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