Kamilla Czastka Painting



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Red Elephants Page 1

Red Elephants

A red balance

Green elephant in the triangle

Off the track

Red in Green

In Profile

Skin on skin

Elephant with yellow

The heat and the red body

Placed wide

In thoughtfully walking

Out of the green

Old elephant

Red elephant with companion

Elephant in beeing

Elephants composition, 2013


Elephant No.4

Elephant No. 5

Henry's red elephant

Elephant in the City

In its direction 2

In its direction

Elephant herd No.1

The hopping red elephant

Elephant No. 7

Elephant No.6

Stoic red being

Red elephant on the road

Old red elephant

Many red on green

One Green stands in the triangle

It and the superego

Red Elephant hubbub


The eye of the red elephant

Green to red